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What a greatest warrior back then when for example Kasparov blunders, Seville 1987, 23rd WC game

Karpov vs Kasparov

Kasparov vs Karpov, 1987Seville, Spain
In 1987, the candidates' cycle format was changed for the first time since 1965. A Candidates Tournament was played involving twelve qualifiers from three interzonals, plus four seeds. The top four qualifiers from this tournament advanced to a series of candidates matches. The winner of this 4-man knockout played a match against Anatoly Karpov who was seeded directly into the candidates' finals (!) for the privilege of playing a World Championship match against Kasparov in 1987.[1]
After Karpov handily defeated Andrei Sokolov 7½-3½ in the candidates' finals, the stage was set for the fourth confrontation between Karpov and Kasparov, this time to be held in Seville, Spain.
The match took place from October 12 to December 18, 1987. The match was tied going into the 23rd game, when Karpov achieved a fine victory from the English Opening, making the match score 12-11 in Karpov's favor. Kasparov, needing a win in the final round to retain his title, managed to do exactly that in 24th game, a feat which had not been accomplished since Lasker vs Schlechter in 1910.
With a tie score of 12-12, Garry Kasparov retained the World Championship title. 
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FINAL SCORE:  Karpov 12;  Kasparov 12
Reference: game collection WCC Index [Kasparov-Karpov 1987]

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