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Georgia Guide stones: Rule #1 Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

Georgia GuidestonesPhoto: Robert Elberton

Remaining in the remote area of Elbert County, Georgia lives what is known as the American Stonehenge, or the Georgia Guidestones. Intentionally put in nature's grip, undisturbed by city life, this monstrous landmark has a disturbing message to pass on to the world. Despite the fact that the message is an excellent perfect—following its underlying foundations back to the idea of a Utopia—it additionally involves evil prospects for the fate of mankind.

The message is considered as the new 10 instructions for an age administered by reason. They read as takes after:

1 – Maintain mankind under 500,000,000 in unending parity with nature.

2 – Guide proliferation shrewdly – enhancing wellness and assorted variety.

3 – Unite mankind with a living new dialect.

4 – Rule enthusiasm – confidence – the convention – and everything with tempered reason.

5 – Protect individuals and countries with reasonable laws and just courts.

6 – Let all countries lead into settling an outer question in a world court.

7 – Avoid trivial laws and pointless authorities.

8 – Balance individual rights with social obligations.

9 – Prize truth – magnificence – cherish – looking for agreement with the unending.

10 – Be not a disease on the earth – Leave space for nature.

Georgia GuidestonesPhoto: Unknown

The Precision of its Craft

To demonstrate its message is widespread, and a driving interest since the earliest reference point of human advancement, 4 old dialects are engraved on the capstone, including Babylonian Cuneiform, Sanskrit, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and Classical Greek. The message is likewise deciphered in 8 present-day dialects, from English to Swahili, showing up on the 4 pieces of stone shake underneath.

There is likewise a very perplexing mysterious essentialness to the Georgia Guidestones, which make it significantly more inauspicious. There are exact indents that parallel the development of the sun, from its solstices to its equinoxes, while its external center denotes the lunar-year cycle. There is even a stargazing gap, which finds the North Star, Polaris. Also, ultimately, amid the twelve hours, the sun is situated comfortable focal point of the capstone, an exceedingly representative mysterious plan no doubt.

Who Built the Georgia Guidestones?

The terrific divulging of the Georgia Guidestones happened on March 22, 1980, over 30 years back. However, almost no familiarity with it truly coursed, until perhaps 2005 when the natural development turned out to be such a hotly debated issue. All through this time, however, nobody knows who really charged its development; all that is known is that a man by the name of R.C. Christian needed to assemble it. "R.C." is in all likelihood another way to say "the Rose and Cross" of Rosicrucianism, which is basically the forerunner to what is known as Freemasonry today. Of course, a tablet not very a long way from the landmark peruses, "Let these be Guidestones to an Age of Reason", which echoes the composition of one Thomas Paine, a noticeable eighteenth century Freemason.

Georgia Guidestones VandalizedPhoto: Mosconi 2008 the Guidestones were vandalized by a gathering of New World Order aficionados. Georgia has now uplifted its safety efforts, to forestall future unsettling influence.

The Meaning of its Messages

In spite of the fact that the 10 "guides" are to some degree unclear, they raise 5 fundamental zones of intrigue:

5) Sustainable Development

4) New-Earth based Religion

3) World Government System

2) Eugenics or Transhumanism

1) Reducing the Population by 80-90%

There is no uncertainty natural concerns ought to be the best need for every one of us. In any case, for this situation, it appears as if it can likewise be utilized as a technique for implementing different laws and duties to ruin the overall population, and little by little start the redesign of human life on this planet completely. Truth be told, it is simply a question of time before the need for "more grounded associations" to guarantee the protection of nature will cause a purposeful bound together body, or brought together power. In any case, one may contend that the United Nations is as of now a type of world government today.

A decent case of controlling the populace under the appearance of defending nature was advanced in the Earth Charter, and the consequent Earth Summit of 1992, which offered ascend to Agenda 21, the motivation for the 21st century. Adventitiously, one year after the Earth Summit, a book was distributed by a debut think tank, a non-administrative association, called the Club of Rome. The book is called "The First Global Revolution", and on page 104, it states:

"The normal foe of mankind is a man. In looking for another foe to join us, we concocted the possibility that contamination, the risk of a worldwide temperature alteration, water deficiencies, starvation and so forth would possess all the necessary qualities. Every one of these perils is caused by human intercession, and it is just through changed demeanors and conduct that they can be overcome. … Democracy isn't a panacea. It can't sort out everything and it is ignorant of its own points of confinement. Heretical, however, this may sound, majority rule government is never again appropriate for the undertakings ahead."

Ideal world Sir Thomas more photos: Ambrosius Holbein from Plato's Republic, to More's Utopia, the possibility of an immaculate society has dependably been the main impetus for Mankind.

The expectation for another brilliant age is shaping. Regardless of whether the Georgia Guidestones is a signpost for its development or only a particular man's fantasy, it ought to be taken a gander at from each edge and with the solidified idea.

It's fitting too that "Ideal world" actually signifies "no place", in light of the fact that no human advancement will ever achieve flawlessness. However, it is evident still that Mankind will keep on creating a more advanced type of its earlier creation, paying little heed to the suggestions it involves. All things considered, for people with significant influence, the finishes appear to dependably legitimize the methods.

All things considered, as domains rise and fall the ceaseless story will proceed until maybe a paradise on earth is achieved. In any case, based on the need to diminish the populace, we as a whole need to experience a specific sort of hellfire before heaven is at last recaptured.


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