Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Broadband Speed Guide

Contrast ordinary online exercises and the base download speed (Megabits every second, or Mbps) required for sufficient execution for every application. Extra speed may upgrade execution. Velocities depend on running one movement at once. 

For family unit broadband requirements, utilize our Household Broadband Guide to look at least Mbps requirements for light, direct and high family unit use with one, two, three or four gadgets at any given moment, (for example, a portable workstation, tablet or amusement comfort). 

For more data on broadband velocities, see our Measuring Broadband America report.

ActivityMinimum Download Speed (Mbps)
Web browsing 
Job searching, navigating government websites0.5
Interactive pages and short educational videos1
Streaming radioLess than 0.5
Phone calls (VoIP)Less than 0.5
Watching video 
Standard streaming videos0.7
Streaming feature movies1.5
HD-quality streaming movie or university lecture4
Video conferencing 
Basic video conferencing1
HD video conference and telelearning4
Game console connecting to the Internet1
Two-way online gaming in HD4

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