Monday, January 9, 2017

Revealing God's Treasure - Red Sea Crossing

Chariot Wheels Found in the Sea at Nuweiba!
Above, chariot wheels fixed to axels standing at attention on the seabed.

Above, left, photo taken of a gilded chariot wheel that remains on the sea floor.  It was found by Ron Wyatt using a molecular frequency generator from his boat above, after he set the equipment to search for gold.   The Bible said all the chariots of Egypt and 600 choice chariots, or gold veneered models, were in the army pursuing God's people.  It is speculated there were 20,000 chariots destroyed that day.  Above, right, is a drawing of a four spoke chariot found in an Egyptian tomb from the same time period.  Four, six and eight spoke wheels are found here in the gulf, and were only used at the same time during the 18th dynasty or 1446 BC when the exodus took place. 

There are numerous chariot wheels, plus human and horse bones at the crossing site. Above on right, is a human femur bone that is covered by coral, and was tested at Stockholm University.  It is from the right leg of a man 165-170cm tall.  It is basically mineralized by resting in the Red Sea for 3500 years.
Above is a coral covered chariot wheel on a vertical axle at is buried in the sand.  Although this is atypical, Bill Fry found this within 10 minutes of searching at Nuweiba.

Above:  Ron Wyatt found this wheel with the raised center hub.  A common marker is
the raised center hub that will give a metal reading when tested.

Above:  I was able to make this ROV from a kit which had three motors and a video camera.

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