Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Chemtrails Destroyed !

Chemtrails Destroyed !

How to Build A Cloudbuster to disperse Chemtrails and Improve the Weather


Editor's Note: Since this article was first written around the end of 2001, a grassroots network of thousands of people has grown who are using and developing this powerful technology in a number of ways to convert the negative energies that we are being subjected to, into positive ones. Many thanks to genius inventor Don Croft.

ORGANITE: This is the new word for the basis of Don's creation. It's a mixture of metal filings (in-organic substance) and resin (organic substance) and a crystal. It converts negative orgone energy to positive orgone energy. To be effective over a period of time, it needs to be in earth or running water to cleanse itself of the negative energies it collects.

This CB was made by Gert Botha, of Namibia, Africa, from scavenged materials, so the result is slightly modified from the instructions. This cloudbuster was used in Africa's Namib Desert and brought several days of continuous thunderstorms after a 12- year drought.

100% Authentic, handmade, extremely powerful generator, orgone acmulator, Chembuster, CloudBsuter, improves the environment anywhere. For use in any home or office, bedroom, car, or anywhere, also protects any living being of toxins, negative energy and the environment and surroundings, protects against Electromagnetic Radiation.

Copper tubes are 1/2 inch and about 15 cm high, has 7 tubes arranged according to the isometric or "bad call" Vector Equilibrium Matrix contains quartz, iron oxide, and is cured live with the energy of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, has scheduled the Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz while being programmed. This device was ideated by Wilhelm Reich. Transmutes energies that are harmful electromagnetic emissions of any electrical or electronic, such as luminescent lights, TVs, computers, high voltage cables, cellular, and any telecommunications device equipment, orders and orgoónica pranic energy, regenerating and balancing the field energy from the environment. Contributes to climate balance, thanks to its ability to transmute and order energy.

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