Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What is a double deadbolt with concealed screw type?

the only closure that blacksmiths used to work at the iron gates

A concealed screw type is shown in this picture. The key must be moved 5 degrees in any direction to open the both holes and have access to the screw; this is a perfect  lock that guaranteed your iron door is totally secure; if in doubt try open yours with a screwdriver with out using the key to open this access. (if you can see the screw you are screw)

Toledo brand is the only brand that so far I have seen them making this type of deadbolt, places to find it,not  on Homedepot for sure,because i was there and nothing found, you best beat "National lumber" by North Miami Beach , or probably online.Prices aprox above $20 no more than 30

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