Saturday, June 7, 2014

Smart Telephone Computer Digital Recording System Monitoring Device

Today I want to talk to a support system of quality consumer, this content will be very helpful to small businesses who deal with calls from clients, and give best quality for their responses and deal with them through small tools can be achieved at a minimum price.

The one i have brought to you i found for less than a hundred dollars, I am pretty sure that there are more sophisticated and so on,but this is just an idea

  • 100% Brand new and high quality
  • Along with rapid development of the information industry today, telephone becomes the bridge of unit communication and problem solving, the most important thing and decision is achieved on the phone, for example: telephone instructions, conference calls, telephone communication, negotiate reconciliation, telephone negotiation, mediation, report, complaint hotline, service hotline, counseling hotline, phone orders, telephone oral contracts and commitments and so on, if other denied the truth after the commitment, it will inevitably cause the unit and civil dispute lawsuit.
  • How to distinguish responsibility and mastery of unit favorable evidence? We must establish a strong monitoring telephone digital recording management system in order to effectively avoid others to break a promise.
  • Telephone monitoring digital recording system can solve the following problems:
  • Main functions:
  • USB plug and play, only need to run the fixed-line telephone software
  • Automatically compatible with CID(FSK & DTMF), accuracy rate of caller ID up to 99.9%
  • Automatic screen popup for incoming call or ring up, can record all incoming calls, outgoing calls and miss calls
  • Powerful phonebook, call record management and inquiring, can transform to EXCEL format
  • Automatic gain recording function, ensure sound quality for calling
  • Digital voice recording, support 64KBPS and 8KBPS compressed format, save storage space, 1G hard drive can record about 290 hours
  • High resistance connection for the telephone port, no effect for caller of both sides
  • Measuring telephone line and voltage through software, suitable for ordinary analog phone line
  • Only one USB recording device for each computer, can record two phone lines
  • Can monitor one phone line(any one of two) real-time calling status through the device and LAN
  • Uninterrupted voice recording in 24 hours
  • Support DTMF and FSK incoming and outgoing caller ID
  • Can transform the format of recording file to MP3 and WAVE
  • Installing requirements:
  • Desk computer/notebook/mini laptop with USB
  • OS: Windows2003/Windows XP/Windows vista/windows 7/windows 8


    1 x Telephone Digital Recording System Monitoring Device 
    1 x USB Cable 
    1 x Telephone Line 
    1 x Drive CD

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