Friday, May 23, 2014

How to speed up my internet service?

The following advice are used on the practice for professional from leader company such as ATT and Comcast (Xfinity)

-Make sure ground exist in the grounding block (outside the house)
(electricity is a enemy of the signal by adding extra resistance on the cable, [desktop pc with bad ground on their electric jack will start using the coax to escape this excess of voltage]

-if after checking with fvd, voltage exist here,ground the modem with ground block TII class 442c
pic2 (check in/out to proper connection)


-Make sure that unused connection are sealed with the proper ohm resistant 

example above show a proper ground by a missing sealed of non used connection
(this will clear the house from noise that might be affecting your quality if the signal
ran quality test from the following link
you might run three time this test and calculate the average

Measuring Network Quality

We give each test result a grade to help you interpret the overall quality. We also show the specific packet loss, ping and jitter values that make up your grade. When we are unable to measure one or more of them you will see a grade of N/A. Certain firewall configurations, Java not being installed or other technical issues can cause this, but it is possible that simply testing again will fix the problem. Feel free to test often, and read on to learn more!
  • A

    An excellent result! Expect all Internet applications to work very well assuming you have sufficient bandwidth. Use® to see.
    MOS greater than 4.37 (Example - a ping below 50 ms with 0% packet loss)
  • B

    Very good! Your connection should work well for any Internet application. Some online games may not perform optimally.
    MOS between 4.28 and 4.37 (Example - a ping around 90 ms with 0% packet loss)
  • C

    Acceptable. Your VoIP quality will suffer some, and you will have a disadvantage in many online games. Most streaming media will be fine. You should try testing again to another server close to you.
    MOS between 4.00 and 4.27 (Example - a ping around 150 ms with 1% packet loss)
  • D

    Concerning. Most online applications will not perform well but should function in some capacity. Try testing to other servers to verify the result. You might need to contact your ISP for help.
    MOS between 2.50 and 3.99 (Example - a ping around 300 ms with 3% packet loss)
  • F

    Very poor. Real-time Internet application performance will suffer greatly on such a connection. Test to other servers to confirm the result, but definitely talk to your ISP about troubleshooting the issue.
    MOS lower than 2.50 (Example - a ping above 500 ms with 20% packet loss)

-check in/out of your signal from checking your modem default ip address
where the in shall be +-8
where out shall between 36>=51


Want to know what is inside the splitter?

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