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Piramides de Egipto ,Verdad Revelada

Hypostile room,temple of Abydos.Egypt

by Alan F. Alford
from AlanF.Alford Website

'In April this year the Internet began to buzz with rumours of an amazing helicopter-like hieroglyph, which had been discovered on a wall panel in the Egyptian temple of Seti I at Abydos.... I can now confirm that this hieroglyphic wall panel does exist and I have in my possession the negatives to prove it.

By a strange twist of fate, I was already planning a research trip to Egypt at the time this remarkable find was announced, and furthermore I was intending to visit the very same temple in Abydos to check out another mysterious anomaly - a megalithic structure known as the Osirieon. So I decided to take the opportunity to check whether the alleged helicopter existed or not...

And so it was that in early June, my wife and I arrived at the temple of King Seti I. Having swiftly passed through the courtyard, we entered the First Hypostyle Hall. As I casually glanced up, I saw to my astonishment that the roof beam bearing the 'helicopter' image was right there, immediately inside the entrance on the left hand side, at a height of about 8 meters!... The most impressive aspect of the 'helicopter' is the combination of rotor blade, rotor shaft and tail-piece, the relative positions of which bear a close resemblance to modern helicopters, with cockpit and fuselage sections clearly visible.

Alongside the "helicopter", to its right, another strange object can be seen, resembling a tank with a turret. And beneath the "tank" is a hieroglyph which some have compared to a submarine or aircraft, with a pronounced fin at one end.

What is the opinion of the Egyptologists? The consensus is that there is no mystery about this wall panel, which is simply a re-carved inscription of a royal name. But whilst it may be true that King Ramesses II overlaid the panel of his predecessor King Seti I with his own inscription, this does not explain why there is a helicopter-like hieroglyph. This standard response of the Egyptologists seems to be ducking the issue...

Taken as a whole, this frieze at Abydos conjures up the impression of a parade of military hardware. Indeed, the central section, including the 'submarine', has been translated by one Egyptologist as meaning,
'He who represses the nine bows (i.e. foreign countries).'
It seems that it is highly significant to find a shape identical to a modern helicopter, alongside at least one other anomalous image, in the context of what seems to be a war-panel.

Now I am not for one minute suggesting that helicopters were flying in Egypt at the time of King Seti I three thousand years ago. If that was so, we would find numerous such representations all over Egypt, because this is a period from which a great deal of Egyptian art and architecture has survived. But there are none...

Could the helicopter-like image be an archaic image of a real flying machine at the beginning of Egyptian history, which has been copied and recopied countless times?'

(Extracts from 'Ancient Helicopter is not a Hoax', an article in UFO Magazine, UK, Sept/Oct 1997, pp. 19-21)


'Egypt, too, has a famous example of ancient flight capability at the 3,000-year old temple of Seti I in Abydos, where an amazingly helicopter-like device graces the stone roof beam just inside the entrance. As a result of archaic images such as this one, Egyptologists have labelled the Abydos temple 'a regular antique gallery', but they have been unable to offer any convincing translation of the hieroglyphic 'helicopter', which I personally viewed in 1997.

Its presence at this period of Egyptian history seems most unlikely, but we must bear in mind that the temple of Seti I is almost certainly a reconstruction of a much older temple, possibly dating back to 4000 BC.'

(The Phoenix Solution pp. 391-92)

'Did the pre-dynastic Egyptians inherit a legacy of ancient aeronautical flight? The idea seems far-fetched, but so does the technology in the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the existence of the Pyramid cannot be challenged!'

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