Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Best Domain Hosting Service Comparisons and Reviews

Why Use Domain Hosting Services?

Domain hosting services are the fundamental backbone of any website, as they host your domain, your site’s street address on the web. Choosing a domain is the first and most important step in creating a website, and selecting a domain hosting provider that delivers everything you need is key. These services specialize in providing domain-centric features, such as registering your domain and providing email addresses using your domain name. They also offer popular extras, like web hosting services, privacy features and domains using the latest extensions at a good, cheap price.
With more people buying domains every day, for everything from personal blogs to mom and pop restaurants, the number of domain hosting services is growing exponentially. Domain hosting services know just how competitive the field is. As a result, there are loads of bonus features to choose from when choosing a domain hosting service.
The best hosting service should offer competitive prices, advanced domain services like subdomains and dedicated IP addresses, extras such as web hosting, site creation tools, advertising credits and 24/7 customer support. The top ten domain hosting services in our review offer everything you need to get your domain up and running in no time. Be sure to check out our articles on domain hosting services for the best domain hosting service comparisons and reviews. Our three top-rated domain hosting services are BluehostJust Host and HostMonster.
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Domain Hosting Services: What to Look For

The domain hosting companies in our review provide the necessary tools to register your domain, and they provide extras to assist with developing and hosting your site. In our review you'll find a company ideally suited to your needs, whether you're looking for basic plans for personal use or jam-packed professional plans for largerbusinesses. The best hosting company should provide domain registration and extended domain features, bonus features to help with creating your site and the ever-important 24/7 customer support. TopTenREVIEWS used the following criteria to evaluate the best domain hosting providers:

Domain Services
There are several key features to look for when browsing a company's file hosting service. A quality domain hosting company should provide domain search and registration and domain transfer services. Look for a company that offers international domains, subdomains, parked domains, domain privacy features and optional dedicated IP addresses. The best companies offer free domain setup and allow customers to have unlimited domains under one account.
A domain hosting company that goes above and beyond providing basic domain services can be a great benefit, and the extra features are guaranteed to prove useful down the line. Many of these extras are related to web hosting, including site creation tools. We looked for domain hosting companies that provide site templates as well as a site builder to make site creation a breeze (including access to CGI scripts and a MYSQL database). We also looked for companies that offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk an uptime guarantee and advertising credits to get the word out on your new site . Control panel essentials, like a web-based file manager and site traffic statistics, are also important features to consider.
Customer Support
Since having your website up and running at all times is of paramount importance, a domain hosting company should offer 24/7 phone support. Other support options that some domain hosting companies provide include online help guides, a support ticket system, live chat support and a discussion forum for help from other users. Look for a company that offers money back guarantee.
Domain hosting services may be rarely thought about once a site goes live, but that doesn't detract from their importance. Whether you need to register your first domain or transfer several domains to a new domain hosting company, the top ten companies in our review provide everything you need for a reliable and successfuldomain hosting experience.

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