Saturday, April 13, 2013

No More Horsin’ Around: Psy Introduces ‘Arrogant Dance’ for New Single

If, like 1.5 billion other people out there, you loved all the characters in Psy's breakout smash "Gangnam Style"--here's some welcome news. Most of them are back in his new video for follow-up single "Gentleman"!
Yep, the pelvic-thrusting dude in the elevator, the hipster in the yellow suit, and the hordes of "sexy ladies" in skimpy workout gear are all back for the new clip. No need to look closely--they're all holding starring roles yet again. Alas, the little boy with the amazing moves on the playground isn't present, nor is the stable of horses, but Psy adds a few new fun faces that should make up for the omissions.
Also notable is the new dance that accompanies the song. Just as the "horse dance" became an instant craze (even Madonna deigned to perform it), the "arrogant dance" is sure to catch on quickly as well. Although this particular set of moves doesn't seem to be quite as aerobic as the horse dance, it does require a hip-shaking swagger, plus a big dose of attitude.

The choreography for "Gentleman" was originally introduced to Korean culture via K-pop girl group Brown Eyed Girls, who shook their hips similarly in their 2009 hit "Abracadabra." Here's the original if you'd like to compare:

Brown Eyed Girls member--and K-pop superstar in her own right--Ga-In also appears in "Gentleman" to help Psy along with his dance steps.
It remains to be seen if "Gentleman" will prove to be the massive viral sensation that "Gangnam Style" was. The clip was posted to Psy's YouTube channel Saturday morning and--as expected--is rapidly starting to rack up views, comments, and thumbs up/down notifications. What do you think?

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