Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Auto Analyze a Chess Game in Fritz

How to Auto Analyze a Chess Game in Fritzthumbnail
Auto Analyze a Chess Game in Fritz

If you have and use Fritz, you may already know that you can analyze any chess position at any time from any game you are viewing. Did you know, however, that you can have Fritz automatically analyze and make comments on the current viewed game? You can even set the time allowed to analyze per move, so it can be a quick analysis or take hours for a full and complete look at the game.

Moderately Easy


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      Go to the menu at the top of the screen and choose “Tools.” Then scroll down to the first option, which is “Analysis.” This will bring up a sub-menu with more choices for game analysis.

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      Choose “Full Analysis…” when the sub-menu appears. This whole process can also be done by typing "Ctrl" and "Y" at the same time, but I recommend using the mouse until you are very familiar with the program, because each menu shows you other options, as well.

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      Fill in the analysis boxes according to how you wish Fritz to go over the chess game. The top box (in the red circle for image) is the Calculation time you would like Fritz to take for each move, in minutes. The stock setting is five minutes per move, but you can make that longer or shorter. The next box is the Threshold setting (located in the orange circle for the image). This box literally tells Fritz what to consider a blunder, in hundreds. For instance, 300 would be 3 pawns worth of material lost, or a major blunder. Default is 30, which will detect very minor blunders and report on them. The third box (in the green circle) is the move you would like to analyze from. Fritz analyzes chess games backwards, so in most cases put the number of the LAST move of the game in the box, if Fritz doesn’t put it there automatically. In the right columns you can choose how Fritz outputs the analysis (default is Graphical and Verbose, with opening references) and which side to analyze, or both. Finally, click “OK” and Fritz will begin the chess game analysis.

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