The Wii U is here, and along with it comes video games. And along with those video games come our opinions about which ones are worth your time. Check out all of our Wii U reviews and their corresponding Test Chamber videos where applicable below, and get ready for even more as we're able to spend more time with the system and its software.
New Super Mario Bros. U - "After playing through New Super Mario Bros. 2 on 3DS a few months ago, I was concerned that the “New” series had run its course. The levels didn’t feel as fresh and the coin collection gimmick didn’t make much of an impact. I feared this dip in quality signaled stormy skies for New Super Mario Bros. U on Nintendo’s next home console, but I couldn’t have been more wrong." - Bryan Vore
Nintendo Land - "The question for Nintendo Land really comes down to longevity. Although I had an absolute blast playing Mario Chase for a few rounds, I’m already bored with it. With only a few similar standout games, the collection doesn’t captivate as much as it could. Still, despite some control foibles and a few uninteresting minigames, Nintendo Land gives players a proper introduction to the capabilities of the Wii U and its GamePad." - Kimberly Wallace
ZombiU - "Gamers eager for a new experience tailored to the Wii U likely have their eyes on ZombiU. It shows off nearly every feature of Nintendo’s new hardware, but the sum of these parts is a horrifying Frankenstein’s Monster. Good zombie games are a dime a dozen these days, and I can’t recommend ZombiU above them despite being the only undead shooter on the Wii U." - Tim Turi
Scribblenauts Unlimited - "To push Scribblenauts Unlimited to the limits of its vocabulary is impressive, and seeing how objects interact with one another is always amusing. Scribblenauts Unlimited’s ability to blur the line between game and toy is one of its greatest strengths. Finding the more obscure and bizarre ways to solve puzzles is where the experience shines, largely because it’s the kind of fun you create for yourself." - Kyle Hilliard
Technically, our Epic Mickey review mainly covers the current console versions, but we do touch on the Wii U version. Also, our Wii U impressions of Ninja Gaiden are exactly that, impressions, but it doesn't mean it should be discounted from our round-up.
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - "Attractive visuals only carry the game so far. Just when I finished one infuriating, monotonous boss fight I’d get thrown into another directionless, obtuse puzzle room. The discrete sections connect into an unbroken string of frustrating gameplay. I’m genuinely sad that a game rooted in the joy of Disney failed to evoke any in me, but Epic Mickey 2 is so disjointed and rambling, I was ready to escape Wasteland when the time came." - Matt Miller
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - "While none of [the Wii U] tweaks and additions are unwelcome, the core material of the game is still the weakest in the series. Enemies are still brainless, combat doesn't require the finesse of previous titles, and the story is as incoherent and terrible as ever. I didn't enjoy my time with Ninja Gaiden 3 earlier this year, and what I've seen of Razor's Edge leads me to believe that gamers won't have any better of a time with this update." - Dan Ryckert

Rabbids Land - "Video games that ape board game concepts are an insult to board game players. Board game design has come a long way since Parker Brothers first started publishing Monopoly, but most Mario Party-like games still hold to the formula of rolling a die and circling a board while collecting baubles and trinkets. Some of the best modern board games on the market incorporate deep strategy with and interactive story and player cooperation, but these elements have been entirely lacking from the “board games” we play on gaming consoles. Rabbids Land is one of the worst offenders in years. Not only does Ubisoft’s Wii U launch title hold fast to a tired formula, it is also mind-numbingly boring." -Ben Reeves