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For A Wire Free Life

Playing the untangling game before every gaming session? Stretching cables across the room causing your family, friends and/or pets to navigate the wire obstacle course you’ve created? Allow us to help you cut the cord and enter the world of wireless game play! Enjoy the freedom to move about while you game while and not wreaking havoc as you do so in any one of our wireless headsets.
Many of our premium wireless headsets come with amazing features such as Wireless Chat, Bluetooth and Dual Band WiFi that combine to enhance your gaming experience. Enjoy wire free game play via Ear Force XP500, XP400, XP300, X42, X32, PX5, PX3 and upcoming Call of Duty: Black OPS II Tango and X-Ray gaming headsets.

Turtle Beach is the First Company to Offer a Headset with Wireless Chat

Combining our Wireless and Bluetooth technologies, Turtle Beach introduced the first ever surround sound gaming headset to offer truly wireless, untethered XBOX LIVE chat with the launch of the XP500 in 2011.

Wireless Chat Coverage and Quotes

For An Interference Free Wireless Connection

Wireless devices communicate with other wireless devices by sending and receiving signals back and forth to each other. When there are a lot of wireless devices in one place, it becomes difficult for some of those devices to communicate effectively. Think about it, you have a tablet or two, your wireless internet connection, you and your friends/family’s cell phones and who knows what else all in the same house at any given time. If you then hook up a wireless headset, you’re just adding another device to an already crowded space.
We use Dual Band WiFi in our newer headsets because this technology operates on a different bandwidth than most wireless devices and can connect to your console via a much less crowded path. It’s like taking the side street because the main road has bumper to bumper traffic. The result is a wireless gaming audio experience that’s virtually interference free thus completely immersing you in your game! Dual Band WiFi is currently available in the Ear Force XP400, XP300, X42, X32, and upcoming Call of Duty: Black OPS II Tango and X-Ray gaming headsets.

What Is an Audio Preset?

With the press of a button, you can completely change your sound environment and hear sound cues you’d normally miss. For instance, you can isolate the sound of footsteps in the distance while gunshots are blasting all around you or hear the clink of a bullet shell falling on the floor. By adjusting the way sounds are processed, you can choose what’s important and react faster.
Presets give you a huge competitive advantage by allowing you to hone in on sounds your enemies can’t even hear, making sure communication with your team is crystal-clear and filtering out distracting noises that can overwhelm your concentration. The Ear Force XP500, PX5, PX3, Call of Duty: Black Ops II Tango, and Sierra, and the upcoming XP Seven and Z Seven all offer audio presets to get the drop on your opponents.

Sample an Audio Preset

These clips show how a combination of Sonic Lens, EQ processing and Sound Field Expander make it easy to hear footsteps in water by eliminating the distracting noise that is masking the footsteps.

Visualize The Difference Between Stereo and Surround Sound

For Completely Immersive Surround Sound

How can we get the amazing audio from your favorite games to feel as though it’s coming at you from every angle when you’re only wearing 1 headset with 2 ear cups? How do you not need speakers in every corner of the room you’re playing in? Our technology makes something so amazing into something really simple! Through a process called head-related-transfer function (HRTF), sound waves from the headset speakers bounce off your ears at slightly different times allowing you to perceive sound coming from different angles. This creates a 360 degree circle of sound so precise it will allow you to detect sound coming from characters that aren't even on the screen yet. Pretty cool!
Our Dolby Surround Sound technology tuned specifically for the subtle audio cues that only exist in gaming allow you to completely lose yourself in the game you’re playing. The Ear Force XP500, XP400, X42, DX12, DXL1, PX5, DPX21, DP11 and Z6A, plus the Call of Duty: Black OPS II Tango, Sierra, and X-Ray and XP Seven and Z Seven gaming headsets all offer Dolby Surround Sound. There’s also our Ear Force DSS2 processor which is a standalone device that allows you quickly plug and play ANY stereo headset and immediately turn it into a surround sound headset effortlessly!

For Full Audio Integration

We’ve all heard of Bluetooth in our phones, earpieces and cars but, Turtle Beach has used the technology in our gaming headsets to allow for you to seamlessly stay connected to the real world while not completely breaking away from the game you’re engrossed in. Bluetooth is basically a wireless technology that is used to exchange data over short distances between two devices. Once you sync your smartphone or tablet with one of our Bluetooth enabled headsets, you can answer phone calls without stopping gameplay or even replace the game soundtrack with tunes you’re streaming via your personal music collection.
Is there a lost delivery guy who keeps calling? Answer his phone call right from the headset and give out directions without even pressing pause! Are you stuck playing the same board day after day and the same music is only adding to the frustration of you not being able to make it to the next level? Stream your favorite songs instead and enjoy the game to something soothing to your ears. Integrate your game life and personal life via the Bluetooth technology found in the Ear Force XP500, XP400, XP300, PX5, and upcoming Call of Duty: Black OPS II Tango and X-Ray gaming headsets.

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