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NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document" 2013


Updated 6-30-14

medusa meter.jpg
Medusa relay transmitter
Following is a lawful
strategy for denying
consent for your electric company to install a smart meter on your home or business.
This is not legal advice. It is a common sense approach to notifying your electric company of your awareness and preferences while piercing their corporate veil at the same time.

The letter and form should be sent by certified mail to the CEO and top officers of your electric company. The fact that the private for-profit corporation that represents your public utility commission has approved the installation of smart meters, while making no assurances as to their safety, puts this issue right back into the lap of the private electric corporations. The general population has no input regarding the appointment of public utility commissioners and no legal contract with any of them. These commissioners do not work for the people.

The sample letter can be used as a template but needs to be personalized. The names of the electric company's officers and the public utility commissioners can generally be found on the internet.

The notice is a collection of indisputable facts. It is important to note that NONE of the players in the smart meter roll-out are making any claims regarding the safety of this biologically damaging device. Therefore it is THE ISSUE. In our dysfunctional legal system, consent is presumed unless specifically denied.

The notice includes the signatures of two witnesses. By signing a statement of facts, dating your signature and including two witnesses, the format meets the criteria of a legal notice. Save a copy of the letter, the notice and the certified mail labels. In the sample, there will be six letters, six notices and six certified mail labels.

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