Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Curiosity still sending shock pictures like cannon on Mars

An astounding video, uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 19, seems to show a "lion's den" on Mars, complete with cubs, watched over by wary adults looking straight into the camera of the NASA Curiosity rover. It's either the real thing, or the strangest case of pareidolia ever discovered. Either way, the amazing video gives even the hardest skeptic pause, despite the overwhelming evidence that any form of life on Mars is impossible.
A video claims to show evidence of a lion's den on Mars
A video claims to show evidence of a lion's den on Mars
Natures Lullaby @YouTube
The author of the video, a woman using the name Nature's Lullaby, begins with a mini tutorial for navigating the raw feed website NASA manages, posting thousands of images taken by the rover for more than a year. The photos are then minutely scrutinized by a cadre of UFO and alien hunters looking to find the first, indisputable evidence of life off the Earth.
As the author scrolls down the page, she chooses one recent day of images and opens up the photo to its highest resolution. At first glance, the image doesn't appear any different than hundreds of others just like it. It's only by magnifying the photo that the startling imagery is defined, which does indeed look like a pride of lions looking out from their den, clawed out from the surrounding rock face.
Of course, such a thing shouldn't be possible. The atmosphere of Mars cannot sustain human life, much less a thriving lion pride. But the possibility these are fossilized remains is an intriguing matter for debate. Is it possible Mars once hosted the kind of diverse wildlife only, so far, found on Earth? Could a pride of lions have existed on the planet at some point in the distant past? Are these the remains, literally carved in stone, of the last denizens of what was once a rich biosphere on Earth's closest neighbor?
The unusual video joins the parade of recent stories claiming various oddities, filmed by NASA rovers and planetary orbiters, are similar to objects and lifeforms found on Earth, including the latest, the discovery of a petroglyph similar to those found in ancient ruins on this planet. Whether this video shows actual evidence of a planet teeming with life, even to the level of sustaining an entire pride of lions, in Mars' distant past, will be difficult to prove. The author herself raises the possibility that the rover is not even on Mars, but transmitting photos of a remote desert region right here on Earth, implying NASA may be engaged in a massive cover-up to fool the world.
What do you think? Is this evidence that Mars once had lions? Or is it just another interesting pile of rocks? Is the Curiosity rover actually on Mars? Or is NASA hoodwinking the public? Have a look at the video above and please feel free to leave a comment below.

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