Friday, October 10, 2014

How to make a BixBook chess opening book

I always have in mind the creation of my own opening book since I have started playing at Infinity chess.  But this required a lot of time consuming looking for tutorial online and have some database to started with, well I have borrow a complete tutorial from Infinity and database I owned you but there is plenty of places where to start getting those, I might be in a future post posting some links where to get those database

With all respect and conceding all its credit to Infinity chess 

1. Create a new book file.
2. After create book import games in it (Icdx or PGN)
Note: Games from Chess base Create problem sometimes, if it happened please clean the PGN
with any utility like SCID etc…. (Most probably it’s not happenedJ)
Importing limit is 150000 games at a time.
Book size limitation depend on the free space of your hard drive.
3. After import the games you can use “Add priority Analysis” Feature for Marking moves Red or


a. Repertoire White Make White Move green From Select Database.
b. Opposite Red Makes opposite side moves Red.
c. According to given image it’s make White Moves Green and Black Red.
d. Once the move mark green can’t be make red by Priority Analysis, for this you have
to mark them manually.
e. Only Move this feature Mark the move with “!” sign and mark green.
4. After import the games and finish marking you can use “Learn from database” Feature.
Learning from a database with this function the program learns from the experience of other
players. It looks at the games of a database and pretends it has played them itself. On the basis
of the results it changes the weights of individual variations.
Displays a dialog box in which you can set a number of learning parameters.
Wins: Only won games are used, the program increases the weights of white moves if White
won and black moves if Black won.
Losses: Only losses are considered. If White lost, the white moves are reduced, and if Black lost,
the black moves are reduced
White: The program evaluates the games from the point of view of White only. The weights for
white moves are increased if White won, and decreased if White lost.
Black: The weights for black moves are increased if Black won, and decreased if Black lost.

At end your book Look like this…..
How Bix Book Playing
Bix Playing Strength Depend on the Book option that user set.
For Example If you set the option like that its play the best move according to the {%} and Fact.
Note: if only move check box checked then book preferred play those moves that have mark with “! “

According to above image its play e4 at the beginning till then when the fact of e4 is not less than 32
(fact of d4).
Another Example without Fact Value.
Its play e4 at the start, and if at the end user lost his game now weight value -1 for e4 so other time its
try d4.

info retrieved from url

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