Monday, September 22, 2014

Why Yahoo chess close down?

No much news from the corporate than a few words about new changes

For over 15 years, Yahoo has offered a set of classic multiplayer board and parlor games for you to enjoy. Yahoo Games deeply appreciates the passion and dedication you've shown in that time. Now, we'd like to invite you to play the next generation of Yahoo Parlor Games!

Cross-platform: The games will be available on tablets, smartphones, and the web. You’ll be able to take your games with you wherever you go

Better Gameplay: You can choose quick play to match up with a random stranger, you can invite your friends to a game, or you can join a tournament

In-app Purchases: You can purchase unlockables or power-ups with virtual currency, and some items for real money, like high-stakes pool tables and customizable card decks

Additional Features:

Sharp new look and design
Gain experience points and unlock new tables and levels
Track your progress through goals and achievements within each game
Multi-table action in Poker

As we modernize and improve Yahoo Games, we recognize that the current Parlor Games do not provide the quality that our users deserve. As of March 31, 2014, we will close down the existing Parlor Games while we transition to a newer, better technology platform that will provide a better, more consistent experience.

We will be posting more news and announcements over the next few weeks, so please like us on Facebook to keep up with the changes as they happen. Thank you for being a Yahoo Gamer. We hope you’re as excited as we are to take part in the future of Yahoo Games.

- Yahoo Games Team

A la ausencia del gigante del ajedrez nacen nuevos titanes como que ya tiene mas de 10 5000 000 usuarios los cuales fueron los huerfanos del yahoo server que cerro por falta de administration, e inteligencia,ideas no le faltaron de partes de los admiradores de yahioo,pero la poca vision de la compañia hizo que cerraran para siempre

RIP Yahoo chess 4 ever

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