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The US VALS™ Survey. What is your VALS survey?

My VALS™ Type is:Thinker/Striver

Your primary VALS™ type is Thinker, and your secondary type is Striver.
The primary VALS type represents your dominant approach to life. The secondary classification represents a particular emphasis you give to your dominant approach.
Would you be willing to take another short survey? See below

Take the US VALS™ Survey! Find the link below.

To Take the Survey:

  • Click "Take The Survey" below (it will open in a separate browser window).
  • Answer the questions. No answers are right or wrong; just select the answers that best describe you.
  • Click "Submit" at the bottom of the survey page to view your VALS types—the type that you are most like and the type that you are second-most like.
  • We will not e-mail survey results to you.

VALS Type Accuracy

By design, the questions are for use by people whose first language is American English. If you are not a citizen of the United States or Canada, residency should be for enough time to know the culture and its idioms.
If you do not meet these conditions, your VALS type will not be valid.

If You're Having Trouble Taking the Survey:

  • Java, Javascript, and cookies must be active; please check your browser preferences to make sure that they are.
  • Company and personal firewalls sometimes interfere with the survey. You may need to disable your firewall.
  • You may also need to turn off your computer's or web browser's automatic pop-up blocker.

About the US VALS™ Survey

The purpose of the US VALS™ survey is to identify the VALS type of the person taking the survey. That's it. To find out about a person's product ownership, media preferences, hobbies, additional demographics, or attitudes (for example, about global warming), the questions in the VALS survey integrate into larger questionnaires that ask about these topics. For example, the VALS questions integrate into GfK MRI's nationally syndicated Survey of the American Consumer, which enables us to see the media preferences of each of the eight VALS types. The VALS questions also integrate into our own Consumer Financial Decisions' MacroMonitor survey, giving us in-depth information about how each VALS type uses, invests, and saves money.
So go ahead. Take the VALS Survey and find out your own VALS type.

resource from:

  1. What does VALS stand for?
    VALS is not an abbreviation. Originally, VALS was based on social values, and at that time VALS was an acronym for Values and Lifestyles. However, currently, VALS is based on selected psychological traits and key demographics instead of values, so we dropped Values and Lifestyles but retained the VALS brand.
  2. What is VALS used for?
    U.S. VALS segments English-speaking adults ages 18 years and older on the basis of psychological traits that correlate with purchase behavior and key demographics, enabling users to understand not just what, but why consumers exhibit certain preferences and attitudes. Marketers, strategic planners, new-product designers and others use VALS to:
    • Segment their customers and prospects
    • Select targets
    • Position brands, products, and even policies to the targets
    • Develop communications that resonate with and motivate targets to take action.
    Imagine, for instance, that a company must design a new kind of software program, knowing only that most of its potential users are between 30 and 40 years old and have a college education. VALS goes beyond the demographics to add the human psychological details: preferences for control or freedom, tradition or novelty, information or stimulation, hands-on activity or intellectual abstractions.

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