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Interview with Sedat Canbaz: Computer Chess World

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Friday, July 6, 2007 06:08 M. Wealth Culture
For many of you know, but does not recognize Canbaz'ı Sadat Dear friends, I hope that this interview will handle. I conducted an interview with me to get the right cut and welcome him. www.sedatchess.comaddress are engines as a reference to the world accepted this chess tournament organizer and announced the name of her lover, let's see what konuşmuşuz Rating Listiyle.
M.Servet Culture: First, thanks for the interview, Mr. tumblers do not convert back to my request. I have followed your work closely. Connected to each other, so that today it is chess and programs, account of high start dating. Sedat Canbaz: Chess six years old when I started with the help of my father's request, and. Desire to play against chess programs in 1997/98 substantial rebuilding was born. I first met and played chess program Fritz, Chessmaster, Arasan formed from such programs. This powerful against programs was being defeated in almost all the games and never won these programs is the best one day I will see what I said, Let them play with each other. Of course, I did not know at that time that Auto232 mode and as an example Chessmaster faced with the Fritz i manually moves to bring together the two computers oynatırdım myself. This kind of matches played between the two computers is very controversial. Been following and getting an amazing way to enjoy great competitions. These days they did not need it, everything takes place automatically by editing turnavalar.
M.Servet Culture: Well, how the idea of creating oluşdu Engine Rating List? How many years do you test? 
Sedat Canbaz: Enginee games that have achieved a certain time after the results of the request for clarification I felt the world. And it's happy to share with you yaşamaktayım.Enginleri Rating Listlerimi and tournaments on the internet for over 10 years was to test.
M.Servet Culture: What Exactly engine Rating List, the place in the world? 
Sedat tumblers: a good question. I follow the latest computer technologies and the new engine versions and applying been giving you the chance to create and select a quality rating.I think the real answer to this problem, and the best you yaacaksınız comment.
M.Servet Culture: Rating List, engine makers in this area, and what people's reactions? 
Sedat Canbaz: They constantly communicates with, and have been receiving very positive feedback. Also a beginner friends trying to help as much as I can.
M.Servet Culture: How do you evaluate the other lists the engine rating? 
Sedat Canbaz: SSDF, CCRL, as CEGT yardstick rating lists the successful and have followed with interest.
M.Servet Culture: Rating List and Tournament games except Opening books available on your site. Perfect series of books I want to talk about this opening. Perfect opening books and give some information about the features and also the opening books used tests are the differences between their own books? And of course, suggestions ... 
Sedat tumblers: In fact, almost all of my tests of my own, I use Perfect opening books or positions in the Top 100 requests. Enginee not use its own books, the reason is very clear in a tournament because I am an independent planner. And some notes about the opening books of advice: Playchess server or an international computer chess tournament is taking place, do kulanılmasını enginee recommend their books ederim.Nedeni move in independent books usually plays up 10-15, 20-25, whereas the average moves are taking their own books enginee uygulumamaktadır.Coğu some openings are engines are engines and in particular gaming kaybetiği moves are taking their own books, and a short time later with a 20-25 tablebaseler girmektedir.Bu activated, which means we do not test enginee, and only books and I long openings tablebaseleri izliyoruz.Kısacası the books, but to test the strength of their enginee some games and see if isterim.Ve employed by their own books because it is a bit boring is not possible to see many different openings. 3000-5000, especially in games right now to see if there is exactly the same as many games as possible. Also some of these openings are engines of their books and start game losing disadvantaged openings. When it comes to books independently, does not belong to any enginee, all moves are engines typically optimized for books. In addition, independent play and many other books, not to exceed 10 to 15 openings, into which move. Computer chess 1998-1999 yılarda just started a new enginee kulanırdım their own books. Some enginee because it is weak and long openings yaptıktarı their books for independent in 2002, I decided to write books: Perfect books! Perfect books I had written the most recent three different GUIs that are used in the following mentioned: * Perfect 12.32.ctg - Chessbase Opening Book (up to 8 move in) * Perfect 12.2.bkt - Shredder Classic Open Book (up to 8 move in) * Perfect 10.abk - Arena Open Book (up to 20 move in) also had written to all GUIs'''' TOP 100 positions (position Opening PGN file) Perfect features and contents of the books: - IM moves books are made ​​up of players of all games since 1970, and Elo average of 2650. - the book moves gathered from different sources and over 25 games PGN file, to include a blitz game and computer chess game. - handmade and carefully selected the most powerful moves. - 3 times, resulting in a draw by repetition moves openings have been canceled. - Perfect 12.32.ctg the book learning deactivated edilmiştir.Tavsiyelerim:-Engine setting up tests and book all the same book-utilization-Perfect 12.32.ctg are engines of the Fritz GUI settings: Optimized, Min Games: 3
M.Servet Culture: When you look back, assess the current situation and development of the engine? 
Sedat Canbaz: Engine, especially in recent years to develop in a very dynamic and active. As an example, does not exceed 40 to 50 were 10-15 years ago, but nowadays we look at the number of enginee about 400 finds this number. We also play a 3-5 Engine until the 2000s up to 2700 Elo Elo composed of the current situation can play at least 30 engine available in 2700 -3000.
M.Servet Culture: As you know What do you think about Rybka etmekte.Rybka dominate this area in recent years? 
Sedat Canbaz: Yes, it is hard to find these days Rybka'ya a serious contender. In short, a terminator-destructive'''' Rybka! Other Sheddadis: Rybka is not from this planet!
M.Servet Culture: So what are your thoughts for the future? strong enginee chess will be the impact? Sedat Canbaz: As you know, people are eaten in the last days the machine. This means that people can get help solving a strong position in chess kulanarak top Enginee.M.Servet Culture : Enginee How do you provide? 

Sedat Canbaz: Most chess programs as a CD ChessBase / I'm available to order by Germany. In some programs, Lokasoft, RybkaChess ... etmekteyim.Freeware download directly from the web sites such as the WBEC http://wbec- ridderkerk.nl Engine / html / newspage.htm would be found at.
M.Servet Culture: What do you think to work in Turkey? 
Sedat Canbaz: Chess on the programs until the 2000s there was almost no one working in Turkey. But I see in the last years successful work on computer chess. Chess School in Turkey, in particular the recognition of computer chess heartfelt thanks for helping. Also contributing to the computer chess M. Wealth Culture, Erdogan Sun, Peters Outstanding (Peters Max enginee owner) Ended Ata Bleda (Elf enginee owner) would like to congratulate the work. World Computer Chess is a great pleasure and pride that I am. M.Servet Culture:Thank you on behalf of myself and family, Mr. Canbaz Chess School. Sedat Canbaz: I thank you. '' Computers have changed, Engine changed, changed Tournaments, just love to Computer Chess hasn''

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