Monday, August 10, 2015

Forecast the Facts in Now!/ SIGN THE PETITION TO Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Publicly condemn the measure banning “climate change,” recently passed by the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, and demand that the three board members of the Commissioners of Public Lands reverse the ban immediately.


First there was climate censorship in Florida — and now Wisconsin. A Wisconsin state agency has barred staff from working on climate change, posing real threats to the state's public lands and...

Update #1 · 

Forecast the Facts in Now!

The team at Forecast the Facts is excited to announce that we’re becoming -- an organization dedicated to fighting the denial, distortion, and disinformation that block bold action on climate change! 
Why the change? Forecast the Facts began as a campaign to push meteorologists to stop denying climate science and has grown to a 170,000-strong community fighting to end climate denial. It’s about time that our organization’s name reflected this important work.
Climate change is already devastating our world. Sea levels are rising. Oceans are acidifying. Hurricanes are increasing in intensity. Western wildfires start earlier and burn longer. Coastal cities are regularly flooding while California is experiencing one of the worst droughts in recorded history. And the projected impacts are just beginning to be felt. 
But too many still deny the cause of this stark reality. More than 97% of scientists agree that the rapid warming of the past half-century is due primarily to human activities. Yet, polling consistently shows that about half of Americans still doubt humanity’s role in changing the climate, including a majority of Republicans in Congress. 
Join us to help spread climate truth! Since 2012, we’ve been pushing public officials and institutions to cut ties with the polluter front groups and other vested interests that spread disinformation and block action on climate change. 
We’ve worked in coalition with you and many others to achieve big wins! From preventing the Koch brothers from buying the Tribune Company, pressuring Google and other tech companies to cut ties with ALEC, forcing to fire climate confusionist Roger Pielke, demanding the Smithsonian investigate astrophysiscits Willie Soon’s fossil fuel funding, and much more. 
We hope to continue our partnership as opportunities arise to move the conversation forward on climate -- whether it be confronting presidential hopefuls or demanding mainstream institutions cut ties with the Kochs. We thank you for your continued support over the years and into the future as we clarify and strengthen our mission! 
In solidarity, 
The team

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