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The ufo pod village in sanzhi

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

the ufo pod village in sanzhi

for many years, i've known about the ufo pod village homes along the north coast. i've driven by this mysterious and allegedly haunted place many times before but never actually went in. however, last month, along with hui-chen and mj, we took the opportunity to go inside and walk around this abandoned housing community during our trip to frank's texas bbq, which is located just a few minutes drive from the site.

for the story of this housing project, go to the following link:

in summary, these were developed as vacation homes some 30+ years ago but the building company had to halt everything and abandon the project due to financial problems.

didn't take any photos but here are some videos i took there.....

the following is an excellent timelapse video by jason chen.....

here's the google maps location.....

view larger map

i'm really glad we went to visit this place because it has been demolished since!

what a shame!

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