Sunday, March 23, 2014

These Fruits and Vegetables

1. Was somebody looking for a teddy bear??

funny fruit 22. I’m coming to get you!funny fruit 153. Why the long face?funny fruit 164. Didn’t you learn anything from Pinnochio?funny fruit 15. And they said the devil wasn’t realfunny fruit 36. A gourd that quacks!funny fruit 47. Can’t anybody bathe privately anymore?!?funny fruit 58. This eggplant is a showman (or woman)funny fruit y69. Rubber ducky, you’re the onefunny fruit 710. Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!funny fruit 911. This one’s too easy – strawBEARyfunny fruit 1012. Do you mind if I take a load off?funny fruit 1113. Stop looking at me swan!funny fruit 1214. Scary face, scary face, scary facefunny fruit 1315. Little bunny Foo Foofunny fruit 14


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