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Ho to crack a program? How to not violate EULA?

November 24th, 2011 Posted in FAQTips and Tricks
Cracking a program is not always mean bad, because, if you crack trial program become another trial program “which not violate EULA“, it mean you are not a bad cracker.
Sometimes I crack trial program for certain purpose, like malware research, for example :
a program which 3 days trial, then after 3 days I modify system registry or files so the program become 3 days trial again, so on and so on. Download SpyMeTools software to analyze registry and files, before and after installation. Sometimes, Autoruns.exe also needed, to know what programs launch on start up.
Run SpyMeTools to analyze how the firstcondition of system registry and system filesbefore (trial) software installed. There will be two files (see the image), that are Registry Mode and File Mode. Save it to specified folder, for comparing with other condition.
Start Registry Scanning by click on green button (see image). Mark all KEYor you can modify it by add or remove key specified KEY. You also able to add password for additional security, then save Registry Scan into folder. It take a few minutes, depend on yoursystem registry.
Click on floppy icon (see image) to save Registry Scanning  files. You have one files contain registry saving. Just name it with “reg_before_install” to make easy on remembering.
Switch to File Mode, by click on file icon (see image), then run file mode scanning. You can select drive to be scanned, but usually I only mark on my system drive.
Mark on drive you will scan (see image), but remember, tho more drives you select, the more time you need to scan. Consider to mark on system drive only (usually drive C), because program files usually saved on system drive.
    • Save your File Mode saving, by pressing floppy icon, then name it with “file_before_install”.
    • Don’t close this window, just let it opened in background. After successfully saved, run your trial software installer until finished, and don’t restart your computer.
    • Run File Mode scanning again, and save it with name “file_after_install”. After successfully saved, switch to Registry Mode.
    • Run Registry Mode scanning, and save it with named “reg_after_install”.
Now you can comparefour saved files, that are :
“reg_after_install” compared with “reg_before_install”
“file_after_install” compared with “file_before_install”.
Now you can see the differences between before installation and after installation, both registry and files. You will able to modify registry and files, without causing error.
This method can be used to crack software, or even research Malware on yourcomputer.

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