Wednesday, December 5, 2012

AT&T vs Xfinity of Comcast


I used to work for both company no long ago, and I know from inside out how they both work

Services prices:n/a all depend of offers of the season and new cust

TV services:ATT excellent pic quality (100% digital) you can compare ch7 for both services and att beat Comcast

Phone services: They both work with the technology VoIP, the different here who has better hand craftsman ( my personal opinion att beat Comcast ,  ATT they has pots line .that mean : analog simple line ,no battery required

Internet: Comcast beat ATT, ( Comcast has reached the 105mbps on 2011 by Coral Gables city,Florida ,USA) and maybe some other areas has been added to this. his bandwidth is without doubt excellent.

Repairing time (from the moment generated the problem until last minute) I will go with AT&T. Comcast is terrible,appoint delay over a week no only that you may need several technician to fix a single problem and the fault fall under the manager

Technology: ATT beat Comcast (they have the wireless receiver that is a gift from God, no WIRE
,all dvr room technology , multiview channel on one tv, play games on tv,HD channel for all tv for one price 10 dollar

Receiver and Modem: ATT beat Comcast ( att use almost most of the time brand new equipment, Comcast refurbish all,and most of the time is a bad equipment what you will get on your house,if no believe me,mark my words

Time assigned to technician to repair a job: Comcast 60 minute(imagen what can be fixed in one hour, vs att 69 no much in both, but at least supervisor from att dont make the phone blow up with his call when the technician pass this time frame fixing the problem

Test to run for quality check: Comcast like 5(tx,noise,ondemand,ground block check, maximum and  minimum qty signal (db) for the house, checked on the ground block, vs att tech (nid check,quality check and some other time hpna)

I will post some quick trouble shouting of how to fix my tv signal soon

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