Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wireless Video Surveillance

Wireless security camera systems allow you to install a camera where trenching or cabling for internet may be impractical or expensive. Based upon location, systems can be configured for different distances.
Wireless systems are convenient for any application but can be especially helpful for the special needs of oil & gas well sites, law enforcement, border control, parks & recreation, gas pump convenience stores, construction sites, parking lots, remote gates, ranches, etc.

WiFi Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wifi wireless systems transmit secure, encryted digital video and audio to an internet router or network using high frequency signals. When combined with a Sniper Cloud camera, bandwidth usage is minimized because video is uploaded on demand as opposed to constant streaming.
Digital WiFi systems have a wider transmission range allowing for higher quality images than Analog wireless systems.
Utilizing a combination of antennas, you can configure a WiFi wireless systems for ranges up to 15 miles.
  • 200 Foot Range
    (camera with built-in WiFi + wireless router)
    WiFi wireless - 200 ft range
  • 5 Mile Range
    (camera + 2 WiFi antennas + wireless router)
    WiFi wireless - 5 mile range
  • 15 Mile Range
    (camera + 4 WiFi antennas + wireless router)
    WiFi wireless - 15 mile range


4G Wireless Security Camera Systems

4G wireless surveillance cameras work with a cellular data plan to transmit video and audio to the internet. When combined with a Sniper Cloud camera, data usage is minimized because video is uploaded on demand as opposed to constant streaming.
4G video streaming requires a strong signal. At times of cell tower congestion, a weaker signal could mean a temporary reduction in the number of users that can simutaneously access the camera, and can affect the speed of video transmission.
Security is provided by the cellular data plan provider. Most major cellular companies use mutual authentication, 128 bit encryption and airlinkciphering to protect your data transmissions.
  • Works within 4G service areas for AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile
    (camera with built-in 4G modem + data plan)
    4G wireless security camera

Analog Wireless (FM Radio) Security Camera Systems

An Analog wireless system uses radio frequencies to transmit video and audio signals. The wireless camera has a wide transmission range with distances up to 500 feet or more when not obstructed (Line of Sight). Obstructions such as windows, walls, trees, etc. will shorten the transmission range.
Analog wireless signals are not encrypted, and therefore are not secure. The signals can experience interference from cell phones, microwave ovens, video games, etc. If this is not of concern, then an Analog wireless system is a good choice because of the low cost of cameras when compared to digital camera options.
  • 500 Foot Range
    (camera with built-in FM modulator + receiver cabled to DVR)
    Wireless analog camera using FM radio

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