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Search Engines and Directories A to Z

Internet search engine and web directory news, information, commentary, opinions, profiles, howto's, and analyses. For more search engine information, check out the The Ultimate Search Engine List


AllTheWeb 101: Profile of AllTheWeb.
AltaVista 101: Learn how to use AltaVista.
AOL Search 101: News and information about AOL Search.
Ask Jeeves 101: Ask the butler anything!
Anti-Terrorism Search Engine Blog posting about an anti-terrorism search engine in production.
Anatomy of a Search Engine: Blog posting discussing search engines, inside and out, and how they affect search engine optimization.
Artcyclopedia: is a art search engine that covers "1800 art sites, and offer over 60,000 links to an estimated 150,000 artworks by 8,100 renowned artists."
Amazon and A9: Brief profile of Amazon's search engine, A9.
Audio and Video Search Engines: Find music and videos with these specialized search engines. Brief profile of, a search engine that only searches acronyms and their meanings.
Audio Search Engines and Directories: Find out how to find audio content on the Web, and what technical requirements you'll need to listen to these files.
Audiolicious: Turn Any RSS Feed Into A Podcast With Audiolicious. is a search engine put together by the good folks at Amazon, one of the largest and most successful online retailers in the world. Find out what has to offer, how to use it, and how it works. is a great search tool that will help you find the answers you're looking for fast, with maximum credibility.
"Are there free medical search engines on the Web?": Free medical advice is a treasure if you know where to find it. Are there free, legitimate, and trustworthy medical search engines online?
AuctionMapper: an extremely cool eBay search engine.

Best Shopping Search Engines: Your source for the best shopping search engines on the Web.
Bit Torrent Search Engine: review of Isohunt, a Bit Torrent search engine. Brief profile of Bitoogle, a bit torrent search engine.
Basic Boolean Search: Most search engines can be searched more effectively by utilizing these Boolean search tips.
Basics of Search: Find what you're looking for in search engines and directories using these basic search tips. Brief profile of this search engine that was created to support American soldiers. Profile of, a search engine that offered prizes for searching.
Blogs and Search Engine Optimization: Learn how blogs and search engine optimization can fit together. Discussion of the Blowsearch toolbar, the secured instant messenger techology they've developed, and how they intend to deal with click fraud. Search engine that enables the user to search for blogs in their local area.
Blog Search Engines: A collection of various specific blog search engines.
Bloggernity: Search engine for blogs, with categorized directory listings. Brief profile of, a specialized shopping search engine. Read my interview with Michael K. Bergman of
Blowsearch - Click Fraud Interview: Read my interview with Blowsearch partner Marcelo Fuenzalida, and hear how Blowsearch is planning on dealing with click fraud.
Blinkx: Read my profile of Blinkx TV, a search engine that allows you to search the Web for video and audio clips.
Free Blogging Guide: Read this press release about Michael Bergman and his free comprehensive blogging guide. is a crawler based search engine with an impressive index size. Read my review of to see if it might be a good search engine fit for you.
Interview with BigClique Creator: If you've ever wondered what would be involved in starting your own search engine, then this is the interview for you. Read about BigClique: how it started, where it's at, and where it's going.
BrainBoost: Find answers, not just search results, with BrainBoost.
BoardTracker: Read about BoardTracker, a message board and forums search engine.

Search Engine Crawlers: Definition of search engine crawlers.
China and Search Engines: Brief blurb about the growth of China's search market.
Create a Search Home Page: Save time and frustration by creating a central search engine or search directory home page.
Consumer-generated Content: Search Engine Strategies Recap: Vox Populi: Understanding the Role of Consumer Generated Content.
Clusty: Learn about Clusty, a metasearch engine with lots of interesting features, including a blogosphere metasearch option, customization tabs, and of course, clustering. Read my profile of,a Deep Web search engine.
Codase: Codase is a developer's search engine; it only searches source code.
ClickAJob: A UK-based job search engine.
Clipfire: Clipfire is a community shopping search engine, much like Digg.

Do Search Engines Search The Entire Web?: Learn the answer to this intriguing question.
Dogpile: Dogpile, a metasearch engine, is a great way to compare and compile results from many different search engines and directories at the same time. Find word definitions, antonyms, synonyms, and more with, a free online dictionary that searches over 20 different dictionaries.
Top Ten Domain Name Search Engines : Here are my picks for the top ten domain name search engines.
Daypop: Daypop is a current events search engine; it searches the blogosphere and regularly updated sites.
Droogle, a Drink Recipe Search Engine: Droogle is a search engine that focuses only on drink recipes.
E Excite is a medium/large scale search engine and portal that is increasing its popularity. Use to find a cultural or entertainment event near you, including festivals, museum exhibitions, and more.
Eurekster Swicki: Make your very own search engine and place it on your site or blog with Eurekster's Swicki, a "new kind of search engine that allows anyone to create deep, focused searches on topics you care about." Read my profile of Exalead, a general purpose search engine.
Expedia, a Travel Search Engine: Expedia is a comparison shopping travel search engine.
EducationWorld: Read about EducationWorld, an education search engine.

Fourth of July Search Engine Graphics: See how some of the search engines celebrated the Fourth of July.
FoodieView, a Free Recipe Search Engine: Searchers can find all kinds of recipes on here from a multitude of different recipe sites, including Food Network, Wolfgang Puck,, Martha Stewart, and more. is a dedicated sounds search engine. You can search for sound effects, movie sounds, animal sounds, nature sounds, and much more.
Factbites: Factbites is a cross between a search engine and an encyclopedia.
FirstGov: is an absolutely mammoth search engine/portal that gives the searcher direct access to searchable information from the United States government, state governments, and local governments. Read about, an excellent shopping search engine that also allows you to search for event tickets.
FindArticles: a search engine dedicated to mining the Web and the Deep Web for article content.

Google 101: Learn more about the search engine that's on top of the heap.
Google Search Engine Optimization on a Budget: Optimize your site for the biggest search engine out there. Search engine specifically targeting blogs.
Google Quiz: Test your Google knowledge with this fun quiz.
Google Catalogs: Find catalogs on Google, anything from apparel to curriculum to toys.

Google Facts: Learn a few little known facts about Google.
Does Google Worry About Spelling and Capitalization? Learn the answer to this question.
Google Gmail: Open to the general public, this is a great email service.
Google Talk: Read more about Google's instant message client.
Google Desktop: Google Desktop comes now with sidebar, floating deskbar, and more. Read about, a small but specialized vertical shopping search engine that focuses only on search marketing and search engine optimization products, information, and software.
NASA Takes Google on Journey into Space: Here's the official NASA press release about Google and NASA's new partnership.
Google Cheat Sheet: Here are the top Google Shortcuts that any savvy Googler should have under his or her belt.
Gigablast: Here's my profile of Gigablast, an Internet search engine with some interesting features, good advanced search power, and an excellent user experience.
Google Base: Read my detailed profile of Google Base-how to upload content, how to edit content, and more.

How Search Engines Work: Learn what makes search engines tick.
How To Submit Your Site to Search Engines and Directories: A very bare bones tutorial on the basics of submitting your site.
Human Search Engine: A human-edited search engine (or directory, depending how you want to look at it) created by Ajeet Khurana, our Guide To Business Majors.
Harry Potter and Hogwarts - September Scavenger Hunt: September's web scavenger hunt is all about Harry Potter and his own back to school adventures: Hogwarts, professors, school, books, and more.
Halloween Scavenger Hunt: October's web scavenger hunt is all about Halloween traditions, Halloween history, and Halloween trivia. Find medical information with
I Profile of, a peer to peer file search engine.
Internet Explorer Default Search Engine Settings: Learn how to change Internet Explorer's default, or pre-programmed, search engine.
Invisible Web Gateways: A collection of invisible web search tools.
Image Search Engines-Directories-Collections: Find images on the Web using these image-specific search engines, directories, and collections., a "search platform which draws together the best of the Web", recently answered some basic questions for me.
Interview with Chris Tolles of Read this fascinating interview with Chris Tolles, VP of Sales and Marketing for, and find out what Topix is all about, what they've been doing, and what they're planning to do. Need to find a job? You might want to check out my profile of, a vertical search engine that returns results from hundreds of job boards, companies, newspapers, niche sites, and more.
Isohunt: Learn more about Bit Torrents, Bit Torrent clients, Bit Torrent downloads, and how to find files with Isohunt.
Ithaki for Kids: Ithaki for Kids is a kid-friendly, safe search, meta search engine.
Ithaki for Kids-Meta Search Engine: Ithaki for Kids is a kid-friendly, safe search, meta search engine.
The Internet Movie Database: Largest movie database and movie search engine on the Web.
Ixquick, a Metasearch Engine: Read my profile of Ixquick, a solid metasearch engine.

July Scavenger Hunt: Use search engines and directories to complete this scavenger hunt.
Job Search Engines: Here's my picks for the top ten job search engines on the Web.
K Kartoo is a visual meta search engine, "with visual display interfaces." Here's a profile of, a comparison shopping search engine based in Europe that is headquartered in Europe and owned by
Kelkoo integrates Sight'Up artificial intelligence in its search system: Kelkoo, one of the largest shopping search engines in Europe and owned by Yahoo, recently integrated artificial intelligence technology in its database search system for faster and more efficient operating. Read this press release for more information.
L Brief profile of, a job search engine. Search engine that searches Live Journal entries.
Lycos 101: Search better on Lycos with Lycos 101.
LookSmart 101: Learn more about LookSmart with this short and sweet profile.
LookSmart Rolls Out Biggest Vertical Search Launch In Web History: Here's a transcript of my chat with Dave Hills, CEO of LookSmart, about their huge vertical search launch on October 27, 2005. Thirteen separate topic clusters are now live with 181 separate vertical search destinations.
Top Ten Lyric Search Engines: Searching for lyrics to a song can be a daunting task, but not with these Top Ten Lyric Search Engines. Find a song lyric, do a song search by lyric, and more.
Law and Order Search Engines: Find crime and law enforcement information on the Web with these law and order search engines. a search engine dedicated to the LiveJournal blogging community.

MSN Search 101: Learn more about Microsoft's search engine MSN Search in MSN Search 101.
Metacrawlers and Metasearch Engines: Metacrawlers and metasearch engines look at the web's various search engines with just one query.
MSN Messenger New Release: Version 7.5 up and running. is a search engine meta-interface that allows the user to search many different search engines all at the same place. Read my interview with Steve Stankiewicz, creator of, a metasearch engine that is virtually a one-man show., a Meta Search Engine: is a good, solid meta search engine that provides fast and relvant results and excellent advanced search options. Read my profile of, a meta search engine with lots to offer the serious meta search user. Search for magazine articles with, a magazine search engine.
Top Five Medical Search Engines: Read more about my picks for the top five medical search engines.
O Brief profile of this shopping search engine.
Open Directory 101: Learn more about one of the oldest directories on the Web. a search engine for words and phrases.
Opinmind: Opinmind is a unique kind of blog search engine - it searches opinions as well as blogs.
Oodle: Oodle is a search engine dedicated to only finding classified ads.

Page Rank: What is Google Page Rank, and is it important?
Podscope: Podscope is a specialized podcast search engine.
Personalized Search: Recap of Search Engine Strategies Session: Personalized Search and Search History.
Pay Per Click Advertising: From Dan Skeen, Director of Search Engine Marketing at Quarry Communications, an excellent article on managing your pay per click advertising campaign.
Pretrieve - A Free Public Records Search Engine: Find free public records with Pretrieve, a free public records search engine. Find people online, search for business information, look for addresses and phone numbers.
Podcasting Hacks-A Review: Here's my review of Jack D. Herrington's book Podcasting Hacks. You'll find tips and tricks for picking the perfect microphone, how to reduce noise, give listeners access to your shows, and even voice training sessions.
Podzinger: Read my review of Podzinger, a free podcast search engine with a lot of potential.
PreviewSeek: Read my review of PreviewSeek, a search engine that somewhat misguidedly bills itself as the "world's most advanced search engine."
Picsearch: Learn more about Picsearch, an image search engine.

Search Engine Optimization FAQ: Answers to the most common SEO questions.
The Basics of Search Engine Optimization: SEO in a nutshell.
Search Engine Quiz: Test yourself and your search engine knowledge.
Search Engines and Spam: Find out what spamming the search engines is, why you shouldn't do it, and how it relates to search engine optimization.
Search Engine Friendly Web Design: Be friendly to the search engines and they will be friendly to you.
Search Engines and the Internet: Brief discussion on the growth of the Net and how search engines are trying to keep up.
Search Engines for Kids: Find search engines and other sites on the Web specifically targeted for kids.
Subject Directory: Learn what subject directories are and how you can use them.
Shopping Search Engines: Read my reviews of some of the best shopping search engines out there.
Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2005, Recap of First Session: Read my recap of my first session at Search Engine Strategies 2005 in San Jose - Introduction to Search Engine Marketing.
Site Submission: Part of the search engine optimization process can include submitting your site to the various engines and directories. If you choose to submit your site, I've laid out the basics for you.
Simply Fired: Great site for when you're feeling a bit down about where your career is going.
SimplyFired Updated: Read this press release from, and learn who won the SimplyFired contest of who had the worst "being fired" story.
SLI Systems: Read my interview with SLI Systems.
Scirus: Read about Scirus, an extremely comprehensive search engine that only searches science-specific content.
SingingFish: Whether you're looking for Maria Callas arias, Sponge Bob cartoons, or the latest from NPR's Brian Naylor, SingingFish will help you with its dedicated multimedia search service. Excellent meta search engine put together by
SurfWax, a Metasearch Engine: SurfWax is a great metasearch engine with lots of excellent advanced search features.
Snap: Read about Snap, an interesting new kind of search engine.
T A UK TV show search engine.
Trivial Pursuit and Search Engines: An experiment to see how well search engines play Trivial Pursuit. a specialized search engine just for quotations.
Technical Requirements for Online Multimedia: Use these resources to figure out what technical requirements you'll need to utilize multimedia content on the Web, as well as choose a media player. Topix is an immense news site that is a combination news search engine and news aggregator. Find out why this particular search tool is now one of my favorite Web destinations.
Travel Search Engines: Phil Carpenter, VP of Corporate Marketing with travel search engine Sidestep, gives us an inside look into the travel search engine world.
Turbo10, an Invisible Web Meta Search Engin: Turbo10 is a search engine that trawls the Invisible, or Deep Web for results.
Teoma: Read my review of Teoma, a good general search engine.
Travelocity: Read my profile of travel search engine Travelocity.
Torrent Typhoon, a Bit Torrent Metasearch Engine: Read about Torrent Typhoon, a BitTorrent metasearch engine.
Technorati, a Blog Search Engine: Read about Technorati, a search engine dedicated to the blogosphere.
TalkDigger: TalkDigger is a way to track conversations across the Web.
U A visual search engine that "learns" as you use it.

Video Search Engines and Directories: Find what you're looking for with these specialized video search engines and directories.

What is the most used search engine? Find out the answer to this question.
WiseNut: Read my profile of WiseNut, a good general search engine.

Yahoo Search 101: Search better on Yahoo with Yahoo 101.
Yahoo My Web 2.0: Yahoo's social search engine.
Yahoo Shortcuts: Learn how to make Yahoo work faster and more efficiently with Yahoo search shortcuts.
Yahoo Site Submission: Learn the basics of submitting your site to Yahoo.
Yahoo Special Properties: There are many special Yahoo properties that are not part of its searchable subject index and search engine listings. A search engine and directory shortcut generator.
Yahooligans: My review of Yahooligans, a fun kids search engine and directory.
Yahoo Reference: Find out what Yahoo! has to offer in the reference section.
Yahoo Bulk Submit: Yahoo's new Bulk Submit option is up.
Yahoo Local: Yahoo has made some great strides in their Local Search and I believe it's one of the best out there.
Yahoo Cheat Sheet: Here are the top Yahoo Search Shortcuts that will make your Yahoo search experience fast, fun, and ultimately efficient.
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Find people with, a free people search engine. You can search by what is available in the public domain for free public access.
A Zabasearch Blog In The Works?: This controversial search engine is stirring the pot with blogs attached to individual names. Learn more about ZapMeta, a great meta search engine that delivers fast, relevant results with plenty of extra search features, such as Quick View, results snapshot, and advanced relevance filtering.
ZoomInfo: Read about ZoomInfo, a people search engine.


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