Monday, November 12, 2012

Opening ChessTree Mode online

One of the best tools that I ever found online and free to use,You just click on the right panel your move and can see the stadistic of ,winning porcent ,evaluation of this move which mean how good is the move by it self. It is a wonderfull resource to keep in our favorite, here I have provide the link and its details about it,the following pic is one game that I was playing: the slav defense

The Opening Tree mode from our chess bestseller – Chess assistant - is now available online! You can now receive detailed statistics on all opening moves carefully classified and stored in our opening database. From the very first move of a chess game we supply you with as much info as possible:
Games The number of games where this move has been played.
If it is only one game – you can click on it and see who played it, when and where it happened and the game result
White Won The percentage of games won by White when playing this move.
Black Won The percentage of games won by Black when playing this move
Draws The percentage of games ended in a draw when playing this move
White Elo The highest ELO rating of the players who played this move for White.
Black Elo The highest ELO rating of the players who played this move for Black.
Year The most recent year in which this move has been played.
You can move a piece by clicking and dragging it to another square or by selecting the correspondent move from our openings table. The game can be re-started from the initial position at any time by clicking "Clear"
You can switch to any set position using the commands "Load PGN" or "Load FEN".
Load PGN Using the Clipboard you can enter a notation in PGN format from any game and click Load PGN. The chess board will load the position from the inserted PGN line.
Load FEN To insert a position from a program supporting FEN standard (e.g., Chess Assistant) you can copy the current position from this program to the Clipboard (for Chess Assistant – clicking “CTRL” and “\” at the same time) and insert it to Load FEN. After that click Load FEN and the inserted position will upload.
You can copy the moves in the PGN line above the statistics table and it’ll be a full PGN file that can be inserted into any chess program. You can also change the appearance of your chess pieces or flip the chess board. A Takeback function allowing you to go one move back is also available.

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