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How to use USB Loader GX on my WII

Getting started with USB Loader GX
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Welcome to the Wiki for USB Loader GX. USB Loader GX is a USB loader for the Wii, and it's purpose is to allow playing your game backups from your USB drive. It is based off of Waninkoko's original USB loader, with a gui based off of libwiigui by Tantric. This loader has the look and feel of the original system menu for the Wii by Nintendo, and offers many powerful functions.
This wiki was written by Shano56 and Cyan.


  • Backup and play your Wii games using an external USB device.
  • Backup and play your GameCube games from SD card using DML (big thanks to the DML team!)
  • Homebrew & Channel launcher: Launch you favorite homebrew apps and channels from within the loader.
  • Supported Hard Drive format: WBFS, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2/3/4.
  • Supports multiple partitions at the same time.
  • 4 different display modes: Game List, Game Cover Grid, Game Carousel, and Channel Mode.
  • Display the banner animation like on the Wii System Menu.
  • Custom game sorting and advanced filtering (game title, game genre, favorites level, user defined categories, etc.)
  • Native widescreen detection/support.
  • Multiple languages support.
  • Supports custom themes you can make or download from inside the loader. (Custom themes support images, sounds and fonts)
  • Supports all controllers (Wiimote, Nunchuck, GameCube controller, Classic Controller, etc.)
  • Internal update function: Update to the latest version from inside the loader (Requires active Wi-Fi connection)
  • GameTDB: Automatically renames all game titles correctly and retrieves game's details (developer, publisher, genre, year, rating, etc.)
  • Cover download: Download custom or original flat covers, 3D covers, and disc images.
  • Play stats: Shows you how many times you played a game and adds its title and playtime to official Wii Message Board.
  • Supports Gamer's Tags: Sends your last played game to websites which create dynamic tags and forum's signatures.
  • Global settings and individual game's settings.
  • NAND Emulation: Emulate your Wii internal memory and store the save games and channels to SD or USB (unlimited Wii memory space)
  • Alternative dol loading: most alt dols are automatically loaded when necessary.
  • Supports dol-reloading games.
  • Ocarina support: Download and enable cheat codes for your games.
  • Full parental controls

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Guide for USB Loader GX, Copyright © 2012. Created by Shano56 and Cyan. All rights reserved.

Uploaded by on May 10, 2009
The USB Loader GX is an application for loading Wii games from an external drive. Version 1.0 was released today. It is completely free and open source. This is a small video about how to use the UBS loader GX 1.0 for Wii. It should answer some questions. Additional features will be covered in another video.

Here is a link to the application

And here is our site. All source code is available here, as well as a wiki for help.

Don't ask us how to hack your wii, link to cIOS files, or help you format your drive. That's what google is for. If you can't make it work, it's you. Not the program. It works for everybody else.

=USB Loader GX=

by dimok, giantpune, nIxx, cyrex, Neorame, ardi, r-win and Cyan. 
Based on Waninkokos USB Loader and made with LibWiiGui by Tantric. 
Official IRC Chat Channel is on in #gui-usbloader-chat.
To enter click on the following link: irc://
This is a program to be loaded on a Wii console. The main purpose of this program is to load Wii games from a USB hard drive, but it includes much more than that.
If you would like to thank for the work by donating a bit, click the donate button. Thanks in advance.  

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