Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to use "my chess viewer"

yChessViewer 2.2
PGN Viewer
This is my Chess PGN applet viewer - hence the name - "MyChessViewer". It plays over PGN games in your browser. It is meant for website developers that need a nice viewer and wish to conserve web space/bandwidth.
You may use MyChessViewer freely. All I ask is that you credit MyChess.com.
Here are some features :
- Views games in long and short PGN compliant Algebraic notation.
- Game files can be zipped or uncompressed on the server. The zip compression option will save nicely on disk space and download bandwidth. The applet will detect the zip compression on the fly.
- Animates moves in an attractive display.
- Clicking on any move in the score sheet immediatedly displays that position.
- Displays PGN comments.
- Supports Recursive Annotated Variations (RAVS).
- Will display one game or store many games in a convenient list for user selection.
- Handles game fragments via the FEN tag. This is very useful for tactics training, engame analysis, middlegame instruction, etc. See the puzzle.htm example.
- if "puzzlemode" is "on" the applet will hide the answer (the scoresheet) until the user presses the ShowAnswer button or the ">" (next move) button. See puzzle.htm for an example.

To use :
Simply copy the contents of this zip file into a directory.
There are three examples : Polgar-Anand.htm, hoogovens.htm, and puzzle.htm.
View these files for a simple example on how to use the applet. Their repective pgn files are Polgar-Anand.pgn, a nicely annotated game by FIDE World Champion, Alexander Khalifman, hoogovens.zip (a zipped PGN game file) and QueenSacks.pgn. You do not need to unzip hoogovens.zip (unless you want to look at the unzipped contents for yourself).
Requirements :
The client browswer must support Java 1.1. This includes the Internet Explorer 4.x and higher, and Netscape 4.06 and higher. The HTML sample files include a Java Script that checks for this requirement and refers the user to UpgradeBrowser.htm (also included) if needed.
Send any comments or questions to : Michael@Keating.net
Michael Keating

MyChessViewer 2.2

Chess webmasters, check out this Java PGN viewer. It supports RAV (Recursive Annotated Variations), comments, FEN tags, "puzzle mode", etc. This is one of the best Java viewers around. Here are couple of examples to demonstrate its use:

Example 1
Polgar-Anand, April 1999 - Annotated by FIDE World Champion, Alexander Khalifman
Example 2
Hoogovens, 1999 - the annual world class chess tournament.
Example 3
Some tactics from 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate
Example 4
More tactics using custom colors
Download it - it's free to use
The source code is also freely available!
Note: Contains minor fixes as of 1/16/06. See the Readme.txt for details.


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