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Energy Ball Healing and Attunements

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Just what is an Energy Ball?

chiballanime Energy Ball Healing and AttunementsUniversal Energy or "Chi" as it is known in many cultures, is the Life Force Energy that animates all life and forms of existence. A EnergyBall is simply a consciously created ball of contained Universal Energy. Anyone adapt at working with energy can easily create an Energy Ball (also known as Chi Balls) with a bit of practice. An Energy Ball is one of the most effective ways of sending Energy Healing and Attunements as Universal Energy is Perfect Divine Conscious Energy.
The Energy Ball Healing and Attunements I am guided to offer, safely protect you from all negative influence while receiving them. Remote Energy Ball Sessions are a great way to receive SPECIFIC Spiritual and Physical Healing, Attunements and Energy Boosts, especially for people with busy schedules who prefer to "participate" in their healing sessions personally at their own time and schedule. Many have reported more intense sensations, shifts and experiences being consciously and physically present while receiving their attunements this way. The effects of Remote Healing Sessions are just as profound as "in person" sessions because Universal Energy is not limited by time and space.

How Do Energy Ball Sessions Work?

chiball Energy Ball Healing and AttunementsThe Etheric Energy Ball Method I use involves sending Personal Remote Energy Healing and Attunements to you the recipient, by sending them to the Universe in an Energy Ball where it waits for you to "call it down" to you to reap the benefits filled within it. This method of receiving energy healing attunements is very empowering as you yourself personally connect to the Universe to collect the Energy Healing.
You will receive specific instructions for "calling down" and "releasing" your Persona lEnergy Ball. Once I send you an Energy Ball, the Healing Energy within the Ball remains active in the Ethers and available to you for 7 days and the healing energy may be "called down" 7 times within that 7 days before the energy is used up at which time you will "release" it back to the Universe to be transmuted back to pure love.
There are many different Energy Balls Options to choose from below. Please be sure to refresh this page with each visit to see the newest additions as they are added.

* There are 2 Energy ball Category Types listed below as follows.
1) aball1k Energy Ball Healing and Attunements HEALING Energy Balls are for Specific Healing
2) aball1n Energy Ball Healing and Attunements Energy Ball ATTUNEMENTS are for receiving specific Energy Attunements
To read details about each Energy Ball available, hold your mouse over the blue question mark image help Energy Ball Healing and Attunements next to each item listed below and a description box will appear.

How Much Does Each Energy Ball Cost??

The Energy Exchange for Each Energy Ball healing or Attunement is currently $33.00 each and you may order as many as you are guided at one time. You will receive an individual Energy Ball for each session and guided as to how to call them down when ordering more than one. You can repeat them as often as you are guided and you may also order Healing Energy Ball gifts for others, however one must personally request Energy Ball Attunements and therefore cannot be given as gifts to those who have not requested them.

Instructions for Ordering Energy Balls

* When ordering the PHYSICAL HEALING Energy Ball in the top left column below, please use the SPECIAL DIRECTIONS box located on the Paypal invoice AFTER YOU CLICK PROCEED TO CHECKOUT… to list ONE specific physical healing you desire for yourself, or if ordering as a gift for someone else, please list ONE specific gift of physical healing you would like them to receive. In other words, be sure to list the type of physical healing you are requesting healing for. It should be something physical pertaining to the physical body. If there is no one place that ails you in your body, you may request a GENERAL physical healing which directs the energy in the chi ball to use it's own "Divine Conscious Wisdom" to send the healing to any part of your body as guided by your higher self which can include parts of your body right down to the cells and molecules that you yourself may not even be aware of.
* IF ORDERING MORE THAN ONE PHYSICAL HEALING ENERGY BALL, PLEASE EMAIL ME AFTER ORDERING WITH SPECIFIC DETAILS OF EACH PHYSICAL HEALING REQUEST PER ORDER. Click The ADD TO CART buttons below for each Energy Ball you'd like to order. Each time you add an item to the cart you will have the option to check-out or to continue shopping to add more Energy Balls to your order: [After Paypal payment has been made, you will be returned to this website. You will receive a Paypal receipt as well as an email from YaMa'EL confirming your Chi Ball Order. You will receive a separate email from YaMa'EL with specific details of each Chi Ball you ordered and instructions on exactly how to use them.]


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