Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Download PGN chess collections

Important PGN collections WCCC 1974-2006

Games of all Computer Chess World Champion Ships. Deep Blue vs Kasparov

The games of the immortal 1996 and 1997 matches.
Man vs Machine
Fritz vs Kramnik 2002, Junior vs Kasparov 2003, Fritz vs Kramnik 2006. Rebel vs Humans

Rebel vs Yussupov 1997, Rebel vs Anand 1998, Rebel vs v/d Wiel 2001, Rebel vs van Wely 2002.

Aegon 1991-1997

Games of the famous Aegon Man vs Machine Tournament.
Dutch Championship 1981-2006
25 continues years.

1963 - 2007
A collection of 44 years Grand Master vs Machine. Over 2600 games! Contributed by George Tsavdaris.

Million Base 1.74 Base 1.74.rar
1.74 million quality chess games in PGN format. You need WinRar to unzip the 192 Mb download. Updated and contributed by Ben van Vlierden with the the archives from TWIC.


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