Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1 Hour Guided Hypnotic Meditation to Induce Sleep, Relieve Negativity and Stress

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Headset or earphones highly recommended!

This is a guided meditation by one of the nations leading hypnotherapist and seminar trainers who specializes in brain/mind technology. In this session you will be guide through with powerful key phases to generate a deep state of relaxation and an altered state of consciousness using your mind and ulta-powerful Zapper mind-programming combined with life changing suggestions.
The Zapper is a composition of vibrational theta waves and a diminishing delta-level pulse. it generate an altered state of consciousness in which suggestions are delivered with 25 to 200 times the mind programming power of readily accepted suggestions. With continued subconscious reinforcement of this kind, your mind will manifest a change in belief. it is your beliefs that generate your thoughts and emoitions, which in turn create your experiences. The meditative level generated by the Zapper technology is the Level Albert Einstein claimed to have received his ideas and Mozart composed his music.

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