Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Insert Annotation Notes in Fritz Chess Program

Fritz is a very powerful chess program, and it is extremely beneficial to you as a player to use the program to go over your own tournament or web games. While you are cycling through the moves, something may occur to you that you should jot down for future reference. This can be done (and saved) directly on the Fritz interface; the text will be inserted directly into the move-order window.

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      Open a game from a database or manually enter the moves yourself. The go back to the start of the game and cycle through each move, one by one.

    • 2

      Stop at the move on which you wish to make a note. Hit the "Control" button and the "a" key at the same time. This will open up a dialog box on the interface.

    • 3

      Type into the dialogue box the text that you wish to appear after this move. This can be a note about a better move you found, or about your state of mind at the time--whatever you want. If it is a GM game you are going over, you can simply save comments as you think of them throughout the game.

    • 4

      Click "OK"; the text will appear in the move-order window, directly after the move you were considering. The next time you open this particular game from the database (assuming it is saved), the text will be there.

Tips & Warnings

  • Making a note after every single move of a tournament game can give you a lot of information as you improve. Thought processes, reasoning and ideas can be saved after each move, for convenient study in the future.

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